How Hugh Jackman Got Ripped for Wolverine

How Hugh Jackman Got Jacked For Wolverine

There was a lot of talk about how Hugh Jackman got ripped for the movie wolverine.  He was very lean and in shape.  When asked, Jackman revealed how he got ripped for his role as the wolverine.  The secret to Jackman getting ripped and lean wasn’t drugs or special supplements.  Jackman didn’t take any steroids or drugs to get lean, Hugh Jackman did intermittent fasting to get lean for his role in Wolverine.
Jackman consumed 4000 calories a day, but he ate them in an 8 hour window instead of a typical 12-14 hour window.  By doing this, Jackman was able to shed a ton of fat and get very lean in a short time.  The intermittent fasting (IF) was a 16 hour period each day eating no food and then breaking that fast at the end of the training session.  This increased Jackman’s natural growth hormone and allowed more fat lipolysis than normal.  Jackman got very lean doing this intermittent fasting diet.
Learn about Taylor’s results with intermittent fasting at the end of the video.


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