Cravings: How to Beat Them and Still Indulge

Cravings How to Beat Them and Still Indulge

By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S

Achieving the body of your dreams takes a concentrated and consistent effort.  This is why crash diets honestly suck and eventually fail in the long term.  You go two weeks really hard eating what you’re supposed to and working out, but then those sweet chocolates are staring you in the face, and you can’t help yourself.
Living a life of health and living in your dream body is a marathon, not a sprint.  People search for the fast tracks to get there but I haven’t seen one that works unless a whole new lifestyle is adopted.


This is why, here at Body Temple System, we talk about transformation.  Your weight loss goals can only be achieved if you slowly adopt a whole new lifestyle.


Lets’ be frank, every once in a while you are going to drink some beers, have some ice cream, or “snack” on an entire deep dish pizza single-handedly.  So, with that in mind, what’s the best way to approach these “craving” foods without jeapoardizing your hard-earned results and journey to body awesomeness.


The answer is a few things…

1. Eat it!
Did i just say eat the bad food you crave all the time.  Yes, I did.  Ok, there is a catch so let’s discuss the “how” to eating your “craving” food.
First of all, we like to use what some call “flexible dieting.”  This means, some food you eat, as long as it fits within your calories and macronutrient breakdown (amount of proteins, carbs, and fats eaten in a day) you can have “craving” food 10% of the time.
So, I personally crave pizza.  I LOVE pizza.  I normally eat 28 meals in a week.  With the flexible dieting rule, I get to have 3 meals each week that are not the foods I should be eating to fuel my body best, but can be foods like pizza.  I look at the calories found in pizza and what those macronutrients will be, I alter my other food from the rest of the day slightly, and I enjoy the pizza still without hindering the results I want to achieve.
The psychology here is what we can’t have, we crave even more.  This is just how our brains are wired.  We want what we can’t have, and when we can’t have it for long periods, we want it even more.  This leads to binge eating and going way overboard with your craving control.
That’s why it’s better to have some strategy to the cravings by having it still, but within certain confines.

2. Perform a quick burst of high intensity exercise before eating the “craving” food
Interestingly enough, you can actually make ‘craving’ food absorb into your body better when it’s ingested after a workout or even a small burst of physical exercise.
Basically, a small burst of exercise will excite the nervous system and increase our heart rates and cause a demand for glucose to support the energy expenditure.  Because the body will need to raise blood glucose, it does so by restructuring glycogen from the glycogen stores (predominantly in muscle tissue and liver).  This is the opportunity to ingest simple carbs that are high sugar because those carbs will turn into glucose instantly and also replenish used glycogen stores, thus not letting the ‘craving’ food carbs turn into fat.
So, if you want those sweets or pizza, knock out about 25 burpies (2 minutes or less of high intensity work), and then enjoy your food.


3. Increase will power with practice

Will power is a skill, and skills are refined through practice.  If you want to increase your will power, you need to practice resisting your craving food.
To start this practice, pick the time of day that is easiest to resist your ‘craving’ food.  Maybe that’s right after a big meal.  At that time, grab a small portion of your ‘craving’ food and put it in sight and near you.  Time how long it takes you to eat that thing.  Do this for a week or two, and then increase the portion of the food.
After that, change the time to a more vulnerable time for yourself when you know you can’t resist the food.  This may be late in the evening before bed.  Now, start to time yourself with a small portion of the food and see how long it takes to resist it.
Continue to increase the demands of this practice until you have amazing will power to resist anything in the world.
I hope these strategies help you to beat the craving but to also enjoy those foods every once in a while.  As long as you have a plan, everything can work out great.
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