5 Fat Burning Supplements for Women

5 Fat Burning Supps for Women

By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S
So, I want to preface this article with a huge disclaimer…
Basically, many women view supplements as a secret weapon to losing weight, building tone muscle, and suppressing the appetite in order to eat less calories. We here at BTS are strongly against these notions and know that no supplement will dramatically transform a woman into her ideal body. However, we do see certain supplementation as an added boost to helping women shred more fat and increase the effects of the fat loss process. In addition, some supplements can help correct nutrient deficiencies that are too difficult to address with nutrition alone.
With that said, let’s talk about 5 supplements that can help burn more fat for all the ladies out there.
Fish Oil
We in the united states eat a crap-ton of saturated fats, aka omega-6 fatty acids. These strands of fats tend to disrupt out blood health as well as our cell structure. In fact, the fat cell has a cell membrane called the lipid bilayer. A high omega-6 diet causes this outer layer to be thick and hard. This makes burning fat very difficult. Imagine fat criminals being locked in cages and can’t get out. Fish oil supplementation, aka omega-3, allows these processes to be reversed and to create a softer lipid bilayer therefore making burning fat much easier.
I recommend a high dosage, probably 15g per day of fish oil for about three weeks, and then taper this to 3-4g a day from there.
Protein (plant based)
Most females forget about the importance of protein in the fat loss process. I have other articles on this that cover the importance of protein in more detail (link to article) but just know that protein helps increase the thermic effect in the body thus facilitating a higher metabolism. In addition, a hormone called glucagon is released in the blood which counteracts insulin, the fat instigator in the body. A quality protein will help boost your fat loss efforts.
I mention trying to use a plant based protein (non-soy) because most females have bad gut health and many times a higher PH in the body, in which case an acidic whey protein will make the body go into fight or flight. Plant based is a safer way to go. I recommend 50g a day, preferably post-workout. But your daily goal should be somewhere around 80% of your body weight in grams (150 lb female needs 120g of protein per day)
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and therefore muscle tissue. The body is apt to breaking down muscle tissue during intense exercise. This is not a good thing since women nowadays want more muscle tone and also muscle means a higher functioning metabolism. So, take 10-15g of BCAA’s during your workouts. Make sure to get one without fake sugars like sucralose.
There is an enzyme that is special in that it helps attack alpha-receptor fat cells (stubborn fat). HSL is secreted into the body when there is a catecholamine surge. This surge is an outpouring of hormones from the adrenal gland. Caffeine helps increase this effect, especially before a workout. Remember here, the more catecholamines, the more HSL, the more fat loss. So try 100-200mg of caffeine 20 minutes before a workout. Coffee is my favorite.
The number one limiting factor in female fat loss is micronutrient deficiencies. Things like having low magnesium or low calcium or low iodine can lead to a poor gut and a poor metabolism and can even lead to metabolic syndrome and thyroid issues. Throwing in a multivitamin can help in this process and it’s very easy to implement. Of course, try getting an assortment of veggies in your diet but taking a multivitamin is too easy to have an excuse.
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