Fasted Training for Fat Loss: Good or Bad?


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S
What’s up guys? This is Taylor and we’re going to talk about incorporated fasted training. Fasted training is basically going into your workout without any food beforehand, which is going be very good for fat loss. Let’s explain why.
First, it’s going be good for fat loss because basically you have what’s called a catecholamine surge. The catecholamines are dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. They come from the adrenal gland and basically those are going to help signal something called hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) and that enzyme actually helps burn fat.
Fasted training can be very good for incorporating this for fat loss and heightening weight loss and all that good stuff like being lean.
So what does that look like? It’s a minimum of four hours to nine hours fasted with no food. So if you’re going to do your workout first thing in the morning, perfect, just don’t eat… or if you’re going to work out at lunch or at dinner, just make sure you try to time your previous meal about four hours beforehand.
So you have eaten no food for four to nine hours before the workout and then during the workout you want to have about 15 grams of amino acids, specifically branch chain amino acids.
Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein so it’s actually going to help your body stay in what’s called a positive nitrogen balance. Protein is the only macronutrient that carries a nitrogen ion. So we’re going to be in a positive nitrogen balance and we’re going to have aminos flowing through our blood while we’re training, which is a good thing because you haven’t had any nutrients for a while, which means your body is prone to breaking down muscle tissue for energy substrates. WE DON’T WANT THAT! To keep this catastrophe from happening, the supplemented aminos will be used instead of the muscle tissue. Now you are going to sustain your muscle tissue. You want to keep all that hard earned muscle right?
Fasted training is simple and effective: don’t eat for a minimum of four hours, and take 15g of BCAA’s during your workout. If the total fast from food is too difficult for you, the main thing is not to have carbohydrates. So if you have to have a little bit of protein and fats, okay, so be it, but don’t have any carbohydrates. Again, it is far better to not eat any food during the fasting period so really try this out.
I hope you enjoyed the article and will incorporate fasted training this week!

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