A Quick Stretch to Relieve Low Back Pain


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S

Hey what’s up guys? This is Taylor by Body Temple System and I wanna talk about how to relieve lower back pain and just low back tightness because a lot of your most likely are sitting all day for work. You got low back pain and stiffness. So I wanna show you a couple stretches that can help alleviate that because basically it’s just tight hips, the low back being a stable portion of our body loses its stability when our hips (which are usually mobile) lose their mobility so mobilizing the hips is what’s gonna help you cure that low back stiffness.
The first one, it is called the pigeon stretch , so you’re gonna go 90 degrees with your front leg like this and then 90 degrees on your back leg here. So again two 90 degrees angles, now I square up my torso so I’m sitting on my right butt cheek , now squared it off and with the neutral spine (see my spine is flat), you’re gonna lean forward and you feel this really nice stretch outside at your hip. So it’s a really nice stretch. And I just wanna sit here for about 20-30 seconds breathing and as I relax you go deeper for another 20-30 seconds and I need it one more time. I spent 2 minutes in that position and do both sides …, that’s the first stretch.
The second one is going after the hip flexor complex which is an assortment of different muscles not just one. And the good one for that is a deep one stretch, so what you wanna do I’m using humpback but you can use a towel or anything just for your knees so it’s not directly on the ground. You wanna get your shin perpendicular to the floor, so my shin is straight up and down right now, I’m gonna get my other leg out the front so it’s like sprinter position. Once again in this position I’m trying to drop my hips into the ground so I’m dropping my hips into the ground so I’m getting a stretch here, the hip flexor complex same thing I just show you the breathing 20-30 seconds going a little bit deeper dropping those hips 20-30 seconds. Okay, so the deep one stretch the hinge stretch do it pretty much every night until you started to feel some relief on the lower back. So it’s Taylor by Body Temple System.

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