Best Exercise to Build the Booty


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S

We wanna go over an exercise that can build the booty and give you a nice perky backside that every girl really wants, guys not so much but hey it’s cool if you do and you wanna have a nice butt that’s good with you too. I wanna show you a variation of a deadlift; it is gonna be a Romanian dead lift. I just suggest if you’re not accustomed with weights that you just start with a bar and see how it feels but you do want to find something you are able to do 6-8 reps with so a little bit heavier but we’re gonna do it on tempo on it so that we can recruit the upper hamstrings which is right there on the thigh on the glute and the glutes themselves because to have that perky butt you need to develop those muscles on the Posterior chain.
So let me show you and actually come look at the top with me real quick, cause when you’re setting up for the deadlift, you actually wanna have the bar directly on top of the ball of your foot so when you look down the bar is over the ball of your foot, okay. This would be too close to the bar and this would be too far away. You want the bar right above the ball of the foot and you want your feet about hip width, alright. And then with rubbing the bar I would do a mixed grip, so you have one hand over, one hand under cause you have better grip that way so hold the weight, what you’ll do is you’ll just pick it up and start at the top and do a 6-second negative so you gonna bring the bar down for 6 seconds and you’re gonna break on the hips and keep the knees just been at 15 degrees. So the knees stay right where they are at tall hips 6,5,4,3,2,1– 2 seconds pause right above the floor and then explode you dig in your heels to extend your hips. So from the side you’re going 6 seconds down 6,5,4,3,2,1..1,2 hips come through, okay.
So it really is just this hinge and then the extension is actually you driving your feet into the ground to extend the hips through, okay. In that way we’re actually contracting those booty muscles on the back. Six seconds down, 2 seconds pause at the bottom, explode up, 6-8 reps, and do 4 sets. I promise you if you haven’t lifted before it’s gonna crush those bad boys.

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