Dinner Prep for Fat Loss


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S

Hey what’s up ? You guys in there? This is Taylor of Body Temple System: Training, Nutrition and Mental Breakthrough. And a lot of you wanna know recipes , how to cook food. Well I’m a dude, I’m the worst at cooking food and even I can do this. So, I’m gonna show you, just what we like to do in terms of food and how to prep and this is just gonna be a simple meal we typically stick to, some fun veggies, definitely lots of meat. I literally just went out back and strangled a boar with my bare hands and then I package and seal it myself. Okay that sounds like a bull faced lie. But we’ve got some beef here, we got some steak as you can see here, YUMMY! We have some tilapia.
So what I’m gonna show you, what I’m gonna do real quick is basically prep the meat so you can take it out to the grill. The only thing I’m gonna do with the tilapia is put it in here and actually I’m gonna add a little bit of olive oil to it. Use olive oil and not canola oil. Canola oil is actually an omega 6 –polyunsaturated fats and not good for you unless you like having love handles, then eat lots of canola oil. But if you wanna shred fat and be healthy use olive oil because it’s an omega 3, it’s monounsaturated , does not oxidize.
Basically I’m just gonna drizzle this in this little pan, co’z I’m gonna basically coat my tilapia in this thing over and over again. A. It’s gonna make it taste better but also B.it’s gonna keep you from sticking from our grill, which you don’t like mess on your grill. And then the other thing that got to do is, we got this lime and I’m just gonna be squeezing a bit of lime juice on each piece of tilapia as well. Okay. So that’s what I’m gonna be doing with the tilapia, that’s how you prep that and then literally, it’s just gonna be thrown on the grill. Always wash your hands, my wife Nikki doesn’t like it when I don’t wash my hands and I get germs and bacteria from me everywhere.
And the thing that we’re gonna do with the meat here, the only thing I’m gonna do with this is actually add a bit of Mrs. Dash lemon pepper, you guys can find it a place called grocery store. They have lots of different food there. So literally, I’m just gonna take a bit of this, just a little sprinkle, and flip them over and get all of it and put some more on. A little sprinkle, okay, so I just, a little sprinkle on each side. There’s the meat, and then literally, the meat and the fish is ready to get put on the grill. So once you follow me out, real quick, to the grill and I’ll show you the super technical scientific way to put meat on the grill. Okay. Ready for this?
Now , it took me three years of master grilling school to learn this technique. Tongs, watch the position, yeah you try to do that coz that’s where the position. That’s on this, guys. I’m just gonna put the meat on, same with tilapia. The tilapia’s gonna cook a bit faster. Just make sure you watch it, and cook the way that you like your meat. I like mine bloody and barely cooked. Other people like it crispy, I don’t. Keep that on the grill and follow me real quick. See how technical it is to put food on the grill.
Take my shoes off, because there’s no shoes in this house.
Now I’m gonna show you how to put some yummy veggies into the stir fry and again, I’m gonna use olive oil. You guys can use coconut oil as well or avocado oil. Things that are omega 3 monounsaturated. Okay. I’m gonna take my onion, okay I’ve got onion. Looks like it’s got a little bit bad on the outside, it’s okay, just cut that off. Boom! And then i’m taking my machete, I’m gonna slice this guy up. Okay . And again, I’m sure, there’s probably a cool way to slice onion like a master chef but I’m not, so I just cut it until I think the pieces are small enough to where my mouth will be happy. See, look at that! Nothing really special about the way I cut onions. And Nikki, who’s holding the camera right now, is holding her nose coz she’s pregnant and hates the smell of onion right now. Okay. So you see, we got the onion. I’m gonna add that in here. And actually I’m gonna start the onion first coz I like my onion a bit more cooked, then my Brussels sprout, which I’m gonna be adding to my dish as well. This is just me. I love the taste of onion and Brussels sprout together with that olive oil in there, it’s delicious with the side of meat. So that’s what I’m doing. Same thing, I’m not gonna add all these coz Nikki wants some and like I said she doesn’t like onion. So I’m gonna add, some of the Brussels sprout in there and what you wanna do is, I’m cooking enough meat for like two or three days all at once and I’ll just put it in the fridge and I’ve got meat ready to go. You can do the same with your veggies in your sides. You can just cook a bigger batch so that you can put some in the refrigerator. And then you got meals prepped!
So that’s a simple little meal that I did for you. Some meat and veggies.
This is Taylor,of Body Temple System.We would love to have you do our 28-day program for interested in losing your first 8 pounds of body fats guaranteed, click the link, ask us about it or if you have any questions or comments, post them and we’ll get them to you! This is Taylor of Body Temple System.

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