Cooking in Bulk Strategies: Turkey Recipe

Cooking in Bulk Strategies- Turkey Recipe

By Nikki Robbins

Hey guys this is Nikki from Body Temple System and we wanted to give you a really practical thing to do today. We always talk about meal prep and food prep and how we cook in bulk one time a week for the whole week. You guys are constantly asking, okay, what is that it actually looks like, what you actually make so big portion of cooking in bulk is cooking your meat in bulk. When you cook your meat once a week and it all last throughout the week usually sometimes fish doesn’t but beef, pork, chicken will definitely last a week, if not more.
So, today we’re gonna focus specifically on turkey and this is the turkey that we buy one for financial reasons but two it’s a 3 pounds sleeve of it, sleeve that’s a three pound boner of it and one thing to remember with this type of turkey it’s Jennie-O’s brand, it’s 85% lean so you can you can choose to buy this usually like 799 for the three pounds at the grocery store and sometimes it goes on sales like 6 bucks but that’s the most you’re gonna find likely but when you use this remember that it is only 85% of lean so it’s gonna have a higher fat content in it then like a chicken for example, so in the meal that you use your turkey make sure that you remember your main fats are coming from your meat so you don’t need to supplement with avocado or oils or anything of the sort. And then also you do have the option if you want to spend a little bit more money to get a leaner turkey so you can get it like 95% lean turkey haven’t been in seen in 97% lean turkey and that’s totally up to you and you do that please do add some fats in that meal..
So, all we’re using today is the turkey, we have a pan ready on the stove we have one spatula and then what I wanna teach you to make is taco like seasoning for the turkey the reason why we’re going to make our own instead of using a taco seasoning packet is because taco seasoning packet have really really bad chemicals in them. There’s a ton of preservatives, there’s maltodextrin, there’s all sort of things that are going to jock up your health so we’re going to use the actual bare ingredients of a taco seasoning. These seasonings that I’m gonna point out are great to have in your kitchen because you can use them normally for your turkey or you can use them for a tomato sauce if you wanted to make let say, spaghetti or you can use them for your chicken or you can use them for beef. All these seasoning is completely universal to any type of recipe so go ahead and grab out cumin, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, red pepper flakes, dried oregano, chilli powder, onion powder and sea salt and you can see that I have some different brands in here. This one is usually a dollar so comes down with grocery budget for you, it’s okay to get the dollar ones that are not organic but if you do, you feel like organic which is fantastic and you want to spend a little bit more money there are about 2-3 dollars for a container this big. The only preference that we have at Body Temple System is that you do use a celtic sea salt . Celtic sea salt is a natural form of sea salt you’re gonna have good minerals in it that will be good for your body. Regular table salt is highly processed and it is not good for you, so please spend a little bit more money in Celtic sea salt and remember it is little bit stronger than normal table salt.
Alright, so grab the turkey put in your pan and cut into it. So ours is slightly frozen stock coz normally we pull it out a day in advance that has time to defrost but we did it today so that’s okay, it’s not the end of the world. Throw your wrapper. Now, turn it on to medium or medium high heat. I like to heat them on medium so the pan doesn’t get ruined. And then we’re going to start adding our spices. Let’s start with chilli powder. We’re going to do one and a half teaspoons of it. Okay, so because this is a smaller opening, I’m gonna use the half a teaspoon. And literally guys, there’s no formula to this like dump it in. That’s not a huge deal. So that’s one and a half teaspoons of chilli powder. That’s done. We need one fourth teaspoon of garlic powder. We need one fourth teaspoon of onion powder. If you don’t like garlic and onion because of the way it sits in your palette, like your tongue, like you taste it for a long time. You can cut that out. Not a huge deal. And then one fourth teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes. If you like things a little bit more spicy, feel free to add another fourth of a teaspoon so you have half of a teaspoon. One fourth teaspoon dried oregano and I’m going to double that because we like oregano. Half a teaspoon of paprika, one and half teaspoons of ground cumin, or as Taylor likes to say, cumin. One teaspoon of celtic sea salt. I actually do, instead of one teaspoon, three fourths of a teaspoon of celtic sea salt because it’s a bit stronger that the normal salt. One teaspoon of black pepper and we like ours brown in the moment so I’m actually just going to add to it. And again, you don’t have to be Rachel Ray to do this, because I’ve been doing this for a while, but measure it out if you want to.
And then, that’s it. So we have our spices in and we’re simply going to smash this together until it’s done cooking. I’ll show you when it’s done cooking, it’s just everything is brown, you don’t see any pink and that’s it. It’s super simple. It’s really great meat source for you. You can make tacos, tacos salad and it’s not even a super simple tacos seasoning so if you want spaghetti, you can do that. You can add just a soft to your rice or spaghetti or you can have it on its own and you can add vegetables to it. So that’s when your main meat source is when you finish your three pounds, you’re simply going to throw it in a Tupperware and toss it into your fridge and portion out the amount of meat that you need per meal for your week. And I’ll show you the finished product when it’s done.
So we’re back and if you wanna look over here the turkey is done. And like I said, this is absolutely no pink in there, it’s all browned. So what I like to do is drain excess fat. So take your pan cover, (if you have one). Let’s see if I can do this is I can do this without burning my hand. Go over to your sink and just making a small slit, drain that excess fat — all fat that is coming out, there’s some water but the majority is fat. You just don’t need that stuff. Drain as much as you can. And then, you’re done! So that’s really it guys. Now you have your three pounds of turkey meat. Like I said, throw it in your Tupperware. Add your veggies as needed. Add your starches and your carbs as needed. And like I said, most likely you won’t need the fat in this meal if you are using 85% lean turkey.
I hope you like it. This is Nikki with Body Temple System and we’re here to be your resource for everything fitness and apparently nutrition, food making, meal prep, call me Rachel Ray and I see you around.

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