Cooking in Bulk Strategies: Veggies

Cooking in Bulk Strategies -Veggies

By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S

Hey what’s up? This is Taylor from Body Temple System. A ton of you have been asking us what the heck does a healthy meal or how do you prep the food that you guys talk about.
So what we’re gonna show you is one of my favourite veggie dishes that you can basically just throw with one of your protein dense food like your meat or if it is meal were you having some of your starchy carbohydrates or something like that you can pair with that. But I just like to obviously cook the vegetables separately. So what I’m showing you how to do is a little onion, this is kinda cool, I guess it keeps the onion fresh. I don’t know that’s necessary but apparently onions goes bad. So onion and Brussels sprout and you can actually buy at Trader Joe’s and you can buy already diced for you so this will be thrown to the stir fry pan. This I’ll have to chop up so I’m gonna show you my super crazy ninja skills with my ninja knife, bought at So there’s nothing special about this, it depends on how much onion you like I’m gonna do about 1/75 no it’s like 1/9 it’s a fraction of an onion and this is how I’m gonna chop it up I have a chopping board, it’s a fourth of an onion, chopping board and I’ll just do this, I just chop it long ways one time and then I bring it to side. Sometimes you mess up even a ninja, okay. So you chop it up. Nothing fancy. So chop it up super simple, alright at least it should be.
You got a frying pan and you put on stove and then to have it cook it something but also have it the healthy we talked about the right types of fats, olive oil right type of fat, okay because it’s mainly a mono unsaturated fat and some saturated fat so it’s good for you as opposed to canola oil or other vegetable type oils – bad, eliminate them. So literally it depends on the fat content that you need and again it’s completely individualized based on how much you need per meal so this varies ,me, I eat a good amount of fat coz I weigh a lot so you know I know approximately how much oil I can use as usual like a tablespoon or a half maybe two tablespoons. So literally just put that in the pan kinda swirl it around and then we’re gonna cook the onion and the Brussels sprout altogether and the amount that you do this stuff, me, I don’t really mind having like day old or two day old vegetables depending on the kind of vegetables they are, everyone’s different though so if you maybe want to do your vegetables first thing in the morning, to account for your first two or three meals then do that or make enough for couple days and then you can just refrigerate the rest.
So what we’ll do is just put that on probably medium to medium low heat coz I don’t wanna burn that onion especially and then you can just stir it around. The way to know when it is done, I’ll show you in a few minutes when it is done, is basically the color of vegetable gets more a little vibrant so like the purple of the onion gets a little more purpley sounds really good but it’s true and the green of the Brussels sprout gets a little greener just because of more vibrant color. Or if you like to have a little brown with your vegetable, then great, that’s all up to what you like. I just like to have it vibrant color to know that we cooked it enough because the thing with raw vegetable is there’s actually some enzymes that aren’t active if you it eat raw which is why eating raw vegetables isn’t the best and it’s also hard to break down especially really cruciferous vegetables as thing to have fiber it’s hard on your stomach so a lot of people struggle with thing like bad poops and stuff like that, because the raw vegetable just don’t sit well. But if you overcooked them it’s obviously you’re like killing all the nutrients that are in there so or you can just cook it gently that’s why I like it on low heat and yeah it takes a little bit more time but your body will love you for it. But again this process won’t take more five minutes so I’ll show you what the color looks like when it is done in a couple minutes.
Alright, so it’s literally only been like 4 minutes but you can look. Turn the heat off and it just the color is more bright it’s just little more greener and purpley and then you can see it soften which means all well is done this can be really tasty and delicious. One last thing that you can do add like a bit pepper on top while it’s still hot, so I’m just gonna add black pepper. Pepper don’t make any sort of sense but it makes sense on my mind so that’s what I do. So that’s it, that’s a quick and easy way to do your veggies so now with your normal meals or your little carb meals this some tasty vegetables to have to the side of your meat or protein food and that’s it. I’m basically like Oprah Cooking Show except from that white and tall and blonde dude. So you should but this is Taylor from Body Temple System and I’ll see you guys next time.

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