Cooking Meat For Weight Loss – It Can Taste Good

Cooking Meat For Weight Loss- It Can Taste Good

By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S

Hey , what’s up guys! Taylor. Body Temple System. We do training, nutrition and mental breakthrough and what were bringing to you today is how.. to.. cook.. Okay I’m gonna stop that because it’s annoying. How to cook meat in bulk and basically how to make meat and protein more tasty.
A lot of people stray away to eat tons of meat because it sounds boring. But it doesn’t have to be, right? Here’s the interesting thing for today, you don’t have to have chicken all the time. Chicken is actually one of more acidic meats so it can affect the Ph balance in your body. And it can cause even digestive issues if you stuff all chicken in your throat day in and day out. So it’s really good to rotate the meats.
So what we do here today is basically a steak, a red meat and then we have some pork loin. So I’m gonna show you how to prep this super easily and throw it on the grill and make it taste good.
First, we need to defrost it. So we set this out a few hours ago. You don’t want them to fully defrost to throw on the grill so it cooks right. But what’s fun is there’s this company called Mrs. Dash, and this one is lemon pepper flavour, which I really like. It’s just a ton of herbs and spices and stuffs so there’s nothing like chemically or bad about it. So pick a flavour and you, literally marinade and toss it on the meat.
With the red meat, here’s what we gonna do. I’m gonna have my sprinkle hand.. and my turning hand. So this one didn’t get really defrosted all the way, but it’s okay. My goodness!I need some meat to choose. So I’m just gonna do this on every side of the red meat.
So we got our stack or mound of meat, and we’re gonna throw it on the grill. So let’s go to the grill. Alright, turn the gas on. So this is a thinner cut of red meat, so it’s gonna cook pretty fast. So you just gonna keep an eye on things when you’re grilling. You can actually look up and Google based on the cut and how long it takes to cook each side. Typically, and depends on how well done you like it but I like mine basically rare, so I just do mine about four minutes in each side and then good to go.
[Sometimes when we get really hungry, we cook the neighbour’s dog.]
Back to the meat, same process. This is not rocket science. We have our pork loin, whatever seasoning you put on it, throw the seasoning on it- each side, and bring it to the grill. Again, pork is gonna cook at a little bit different rate than the red meat. So it will actually take a little bit longer, because with pork, you can’t eat it rare at all. And you need to cook it all the way through. So it’s always good and I’ll show you in the grill how to have a knife to cut and make sure it’s white all the way through and not pink. As where red meat is not important because again, if you like it more in the rare side, you gonna have it more in the rare side.
And I don’t actually want any seasonings on my meat, for the pork loin so I won’t. So what we gonna do with the pork, again you can do something like the lemon pepper or you can do something more zesty seasonings. So there’s a Caribbean citrus flavour from Mrs. Dash. Or a lot of time with meat, just sprinkling celtic sea salt on there – and just having salt is really really good. Or even getting a little bit of like lime or lemon juice and just gonna squirting juice on it right before you throw it on the grill is really good too.
Let’s throw this to the grill.
So take a peek on there. As you start to see some blood rise and pool on the top of the meat. So you see it’s pooling a little bit here. Once it’s pooling on the top, and you like it on the rare side, that’s when you know you can flip it. This guy, need a minute or two before I flip them.
So, as you can see, it pooled a lot on the top of the red meat- It’s good to flip. And again, this is for me, because I like it more in the rare side. If you like it more in the well-done side wait a little bit longer. Always depend on the cut and the thickness of the meat. So I’m just gonna flip all these guys.
None of the pork loins are not there yet, but it’s kind of a similar thing, you can see it’s already white in down this side but there’s still some pink areas. So the color on the top of the pork will start to get more deep pink. When you start to see that, then you know you can flip the pork, but again have a knife ready to cut into it to know it’s white all the way. It does have to be white all the way on the pork.
So the red meat is basically done, so I’m gonna slowly — ooh I just drop the big piece into the grill. So, I’m pulling pieces of it off now. Some get cooked a little bit more than others because the grill‘s uneven temperature in there. So I’m pulling off the pieces I already know are done, based to my liking. And then now you can see, these pork loins have got a little bit of juices at the top and they got a little bit deeper pink, so we can flip those now. So this guy have a little bit of pink on it, its first side that cooking. So, that one is not really ready to be flipped. That one does too. So again, it always just depends on your grill and how good it is. So, with pork loins, a couple of these are done. You can see there’s some charring on the top, and I’ve got my knife. I just gonna make this cut basically into the centre of it and just pull it out. As you can see, it’s pretty much white through the centre, which means that one is done. And that’s why you keep a knife and that is how you can prepare some pork on the grill and just do it in bulk. Now you’ve got meat options for two to three days, if not, more depending on the type of meat you choose. This is Taylor of Body Temple System and I hope you enjoyed it.

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