Why Flattening the Stomach is Hard


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S
Every woman I think complains that losing the fat off the stomach seems to be the most cumbersome task of all.
Why is this?
Did God just decide that, “Thou shalt have stomach rolls!”
Here is a secret to why losing body fat off the stomach and midsection is so difficult.
It’s the most stubborn fat on your body, which means, you need more sophisticated techniques to burn that fat.
The first part of this conundrum is that most people are genetically predisposed to carrying their last few fat stores on the belly.
What I mean is, the body’s fat stores increase and decrease in unison; however, there are more stores in certain areas. This can mean you started to drop fat, and most of it left your hips and thighs, but you still have some lingering in the stomach area and back of the arms. The sad truth is this…you need to keep dropping MORE body fat to see the last few remaining fat cells decrease, those being around the mid-drift.
So, you simply need to keep shredding more body fat.
The second part to this issue is the fat cells around the stomach are molecularly a different type of fat cell. They are what’s called an alpha-receptor fat cell.
Because you may already have your eyes glossing over, I want to simply explain what that means.
These fat cells will not burn off unless you have a very specific enzyme interact with them. This enzyme is called HSL. This enzyme is not created and released except through very intense bouts of resistance and sprint training.
You may now be realizing why your treadmill running and Zumba classes worked at first, but are no longer serving their purposes.
You have to lift heavy weights and at a high intensity.
An example workout would look like this:
Do 5 repetitions of squats using a weight you could comfortably do 10 reps with. Then, without a break, do 5 deadlifts from the ground using a weight you could also lift comfortable for 10 reps. Continue this back and forth, without rest for 5 minutes. Take a 2 minute break, and then do another 5 minutes, but now doing 8 reps of each using a weight you could comfortably do 15 reps with.
This style of weightlifting is called density sets. This is one of many ways to put together a good training program for accelerated fat loss, especially around the midsection.
No, you don’t need to do a thousand crunches to get a flat stomach.
You just need the right diet, a progressive weight training program, and the accountability to stick to it.
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