How One Woman Lost Nearly 100lbs By Making Weight Loss Fun


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S
This is a story of a woman who was very overweight and frustrated with her body, but how she lost weight, shredded fat, got tight and toned, and did it all while having fun.
Her story is going to shed light on where you are at and what you’re struggling with, and give you hope for your own success and transformation.
In fact, we will disclose the three main things she used to drop nearly 100 lbs of fat while having fun and how you can implement them as well.
Alyssa was frustrated, uncomfortable in her clothes and even her own skin.
She felt horrible about herself.
Her personality was not even herself because her self-conscious anxiety was too overwhelming.
Her energy was so low as well that work seemed endless, social gatherings and hanging with friends did not seem exciting, and life was just dull.
On top of all this, she tried tirelessly to get this overbearing burden of weight off her back, literally.
Endless boring cardio sessions, restrictive diets, insane fat loss pills, and anything else she heard of for losing weight…but nothing seemed to work.
And then came a turning point.
She cut the cardio, cut the restrictive dieting, and even more importantly stopped the self-hatred.
Alyssa began her process of losing a little over 90 pounds by utilizing three very important tactics:

  1. Strength-based training and only interval based cardio
  2. Managing macronutrients with a progressive plan
  3. Accountability and support

Strength-based training:
Instead of boring cardio sessions sweating away on a treadmill, Alyssa started lifting heavy weights.
This signaled fat burning hormones, increased her metabolic output (calories burned) from the workout, and gave her a nice booty, toned arms, and sleek legs.
It was so relieving knowing I didn’t have to slave away hours on the cardio machines.”- Alyssa
Not to mention that lifting weights is more fun than cardio, it also NEVER get boring.  The reason for this is because having constant progression in her workouts week by week allowed enough change and challenge to make going to the gym a fun experience, and not a dread.
Now for the cool thing with doing intervals instead of steady-state cardio:
Sprints signal the fat burning hormones, while steady-state cardio does not,
You accomplish the same if not more in fat loss with a fraction of the time.
Here is an example workout Alyssa would do and it only takes 12 minutes of actual running time:  

  • Dynamic warm-up and stretch – 5-10 minutes
  • Slow jog to warm-up – 3-5 minutes (800M)
  • Sprint  0:10 and rest for 0:60 for 4 sets – 5 minutes
  • Sprint – 0:05 and rest for 0:60 for 4 sets – 4.5 minutes
  • Hard/fast-paced run – 3:00 and rest for 3 minutes for 2 rounds – 9 minutes
  • Total Workout time: 30 minutes

This is how cardio should be done for fat loss.  Try it out.
Managing Macronutrients
Major calorie cutting and food deprivation was too hard for Alyssa to stick to.  But beyond that, it was not helping her lose weight.
You see, the female body is very sensitive to dieting.  If you cut calories too hard, for too long, the body actually slows the metabolism down in hopes of trying to survive.
Instead, Alyssa got her calories planned week by week so that she had a more subtle deficit, but then also short seasons of eating extra calories.  This strategy is called reverse dieting and is crucial for long-term fat loss.
On top of this more managing plan, she managed her protein, carb, and fat intake according to her weekly calorie allowance.
“Learning what foods and knowing the right macro timing was a huge eye opener. I never realized the science behind it. I didn’t have to starve myself, I ate..and I ate a lot! wink emoticon”- Alyssa
By having a handle on this, she could turn her fat burning hormones on (growth hormone, better insulin sensitivity, more glucagon secretion, etc.) and also flex her cravings in every so often.
By knowing her macronutrient allowance, she learned to flex fun foods into those allowances to keep her motivation up and not feel deprived.
In doing this, her body built muscle, learned to use fat as a fuel source, and enabled her hormones to work for her and not against her.
For the first time in my life I was experiencing what it felt like to have natural energy…I had NEVER had that before. “- Alyssa
Accountability and support
Lastly, but most importantly, Alyssa got accountability and support.  In fact, I was training her during this time and made sure she sent me a food journal each week, showed up to her sessions, and made sure she completed her own workouts each day.
Most of you reading right now could probably find a nutrition plan and workout plan that worked, but could you still do it consistently on your own?
Likely, NO!
We need to get out of our own way, and we need to improve willpower by having a community of support and accountability structures.
“Having someone actually care about your well being and knowing what they are talking about is key. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I wasn’t in the hands of someone with a good heart and full of knowledge. Forever in debt to Taylor Robbins. He helped me remove the shackles, I am no longer a slave to my body. I am free…”- Alyssa
So there it is.
Alyssa achieved her dreams, and lost nearly 100 lbs all while having more fun.
I basically lost the weight of your average 12 year old girl…haha 90lbs! That’s a human!”- Alyssa
She lifted weights, she managed her macros more intelligently, and she got accountability.
In fact, she is now one of our elite coaches with Body Temple System helping women transform their lives also.
Having someone actually care about your well being and knowing what they are talking about is key. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I wasn’t in the hands of someone with a good heart and full of knowledge. Forever in debt to Taylor Robbins. He helped me remove the shackles, I am no longer a slave to my body. I am free…”- Alyssa
If you want the same or similar results as Alyssa, and you need a workout plan, a Macronutrient strategy, and daily accountability and motivation from us, then CLICK THE LINK BELOW and register for our next 28-Day Challenge online.

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Thanks for reading.
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