Junk Food for Fat Loss – The Power of Refeeds


By Taylor Robbins, C.S.C.S
You may be a bit surprised by the headline of this article.
And you should be.
Everyone tells you to eat chicken and broccoli to be healthy and lose body fat.
And i’m sorry, but they are wrong.
Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t eat junk food or ‘bad food’ all the time and expect to lose weight and get shredded. But, you can strategically include it into your diet for accelerated fat loss and optimal body composition over the long term
Let’s discuss how this works.
To understand, I first need to tell you why long-term ‘dieting’ can actually cause slowed fat loss.
You see, when you restrict calories too harshly, your body believe a famine is happening. Of course, the body wants to survive, so at the cellular level, the body hold onto fat cells more dependently, thus allowing more stored energy for the anticipated famine coming.
More so, when you restrict calories over weeks and months, the body starts to understand what’s going on, and similarly slows the metabolic rate down, thus allowing your body to preserve itself.
If you were in a survival situation like Hunger Games, you would embrace this natural process.
However, you want to lose weight and body fat, so this is not optimal for you.
Here is where refeeds come in.
First of all, you need to deserve refeeds. If you have been hitting a specific macronutrient ratio for your body type, and been adhering to a specific calorie range that is not too drastic but appropriate for weight loss, then you can be thinking about implementing refeeds.
If you just started dieting, sorry…you need to think about this later down the road.
A refeed is basically a single day of higher calorie intake than your normal. And more importantly, those calories are coming primarily from carbs.
Here is an example:
You have lost 2 pounds a week for 10 weeks, and you began to only lose .5 lbs the last two weeks. This is an indicator of metabolic adaptation, and a refeed can do you some good.
Your average daily caloric intake the past week has been 1500 calories. Your refeed day will be a 30% increase, thus giving you approximately 2000 calories for a day. This additional 500 calories would be 125g of extra carbs, as there are 4 calories per gram of carbs.
You are doing a victory dance right now!
To get the extra 125g of carbs for this one day, you eat a stack of 4 pancakes in the morning and 2 slices of pizza at night. You implement this one refeed day once every 10-14 days.
Now, how does this actually help your fat loss.
The added calories and carbs will allow your leptin levels to increase and give your more sensitivity to leptin again. Leptin is a hormone signaling satiety, so this is helpful for both feeling full more easily and increasing your metabolic rate.
Additionally, you replenish some last bits of glycogen in your liver and muscle, which will increase your performance in your workouts and allow you to burn more calories in the workout because of it.
So you see, junk food can help you lose more weight, stay consistent, and attain your dream body.
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Taylor “the junk food junky” Robbins

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