Taylor Robbins
Owner & Chief Transformation Officer

I have worked PERSONALLY with hundreds of people, transforming their lives in all areas.  I have serviced over 6,000 sessions and have had amazing experiences with clients.  I have 5 nationally accredited certifications ranging from a USA Weightlifting Coach (USAW), Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Personal Trainer (CPT), and a Mental Strength Coach.  I train my personal clients in the great city of San Diego, California.  My clients range from professional athletes, ex-professional athletes, CEO’s, business owners, executives, mothers, doctors, chiropractors, overweight people, in-shape people, and more. It is my goal now to transform over 1 MILLION PEOPLE by the end of 2018!  This is my vision and mission in life.  Nothing excites me more than working with people and inspiring them and educating them to their own success and purpose.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was 12 years old, I went to a strong man show called the “Power Team.”  I saw jacked and SWOLL guys DESTROY blocks of ice with their foreheads, bend crow-bars, rip telephone books, and punch bricks of fire.  To say the least, it was AWESOME.  The leader of the team talked about his experience of finding his savior in life and finding his purpose.  He said it was Jesus.  Jesus had died for him to truly live, and now he was living for Him.  A sudden emotion came over me and I realized that Jesus died for me too, to save me, even though I didn’t care for Him.  The tears were a flowin’. From here, I came to understand the spiritual side of everything.   I have a very intimate and personal relationship with my savior and creator Jesus Christ.  His Holy Spirit has been living in me since 12 years old.  Now, I get to see blind men see, deaf people hear, tumors disintegrate, cancer disappear, and MORE.  (these are not exaggerations by the way, I literally see this stuff) I don’t aim to force any of my spiritual relationship on others, but the principles, tools, and insight I use in my programs spawn from this spirituality. I began lifting weights at 12 years old, and have fallen more and more in love with fitness since then. I ran a marathon at 12 years old.  Yeah, that’s 26.2 miles.  I don’t know what I was thinking, I just wanted to. I got my black-belt in Tang Soo Do at age fourteen, and went on to study jiu-jitsu, muay thai, and boxing for 3 years as well. I tried out for the NFL in early 2013.  I had the top vertical jump with 39”, second best broad-jump with 10’6”, and fairly well at the 40 yd. dash with a 4.7, but I didn’t make it. Failing was a journey and process for me that grew me.  I had to take risk and be willing to FAIL.  This was essential.  Great success only comes from great failure. Now, Nikki and I developed the Body Temple System programs to train, educate, and inspire people around the world to respect their beings: their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. I truly believe these systems work and are going to transform the fitness industry completely and even the world.  But, I need your help to do it.  You need to be inspired to transform your life so that others around you are inspired until a FIRESTORM effect occurs taking over the whole world.  Everyone DESERVES the body, mind, and soul of their dreams.  Most people don’t even know how great they truly are.  I am here to UNLEASH that presence on EVERYONE.

Nikki Robbins
Owner & Chief Accountability Officer

She drives the nuts and bolts part of Body Temple System. Everything from finances, administration, organization, communication, vacation, somethingelseation. She has a passion for people to know their worth and value. Her strengths from StrengthsQuest are: Futuristic, Responsibility, Belief, Activator, and Relator. Which give great insight into her character. She tends to be used through her spiritual gifts of teaching and administration. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Managerial and Organizational Communication. She is ACE Group Fitness Instructor certified and subs here and there in San Diego, CA. She is Taylor’s hot wife, a woman after God’s heart, a professional cooking in bulker, a sky’s-the-limit traveler, and an “I need change every three months” woman. You can also check out an organization Nikki and her girlfriends run, GUTS.

Her Goal: Aid in the transformation of 1 million people by December 31, 2018.